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LOT 22

PO @ $31,000

Six Picks Merada

Jared Meyer Performance Horses



Six Picks Merada

















1=Calm & Gentle
10=Hot / Easily Spooked


Six Picks Merada (Big Cat) is a stunning, 6-year-old, AQHA gelding! Big Cat is a extremely broke ranch horse that is well started in the roping. He could easily go in the show pen or finish to make a great calf roping, head or heeling horse- or simply enjoy him on the ranch and trails! Big Cat is built like an absolute tank! He stands 15 1/2 hands and weighs 1250 lbs. He has a beautiful, big blaze face and one back left sock. Big Cat is built conformationally correct with a short, strong back and big hip. He has a massive amount of hoof and bone. Big Cat is handy broke and has a great handle. He moves of light leg pressure and one-hand neck reins. He is trained in the cow horse. He has a great spin and is very athletic with a huge stop. Big Cat will also step easily into his leads. He would really excel in a Ranch Riding or Ranch Versatility class. Big Cat had been started in the roping. He is heeling steers out of the box extremely well. He is calm in the box and very cowy. He has a huge stop which makes him a blast to heel on. He will make a big-time heel horse! Big Cat is kid safe and has been roped on and trail ridden by multiple kids. He has been ridden miles and miles out on the trails and stays calm and level-headed. He will cross any obstacle in front of him including logs or water! Big Cat is one of the smartest and most talented horses we have ever offered. He is so broke he can literally do any task you put in front of him. As an added bonus, his personality is calm and loving. Big Cat is 100% sound and has no vices. He loads well in the trailer and is great being stalled or kept outside. He is in the prime of his life and a horse you certainly don’t want to miss out on! If you have any questions or just want to learn more about Big Cat give Jared a call at 563-543-6355. If you would like to see more videos and photos of Big Cat visit Jared Meyer Performance Horses on Facebook, YouTube or our new website

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