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Spring Horse Sale and Ranch Rodeo



Castle Rock, CO


Come enjoy a WESTERN weekend on the Colorado Front Range!   The 2nd Annual FRONT RANGE ROUNDUP will feature the Spring Catalog Horse Sale with a great selection of Horses in every discipline from RANCH to ROPE, and from RODEO to TRAIL RIDING Horses, there will be something for everyone.  QUALITY horses for EVERYBODY!!  We will also highlight rope horses in a special Team Roping Session including a jackpot for sale horses!


Sale Information

Sale will be held at the Douglas County Fairgrounds INDOOR ARENA in Castle Rock, CO

Saturday, MAY 6, 2023  at 2PM

Horse Check In:

May 5  6pm-9pm

May 6  8am-10am


May 6   9am   Indoor Arena / Cattle Available 

             TBD Special Team Roping Jackpot for Sale Horses.

Tack Sale - May 6   TBD


May 6  2PM

All Horses must be removed from the stalls by 8AM on Sunday, May 7, 2023.

Sale Managed by Gold Spur Productions, LLC

Bob - (970) 686-6970   Brandy - (970) 381-9139

Auctioneer:  Randy Lewis / Bob Edmonds

Pedigrees:  Bob Edmonds / Randy Lewis

Office Manager:  Brandy Edmonds (970) 381-9139

Sale Veterinarian:  VetweRx Equine

                                 Dr. Kieran Smith (720) 439-7789


Equine Insurance: Albracht Insurance

Heather McCall (800) 227-8808 or (970) 290-3290

Phone Bids accepted - must be pre-approved by

May 5, 2023 at 4PM.  Call 970-381-9139 for approval process.

Online Bidding available through CCI.Live

Click logo below for info on how to bid online:


Website best viewed when screen setting is at 100% zoom


Online Catalog

Small Running Title

Consigner Checklist for Check In:


1.  Original registration papers and properly completed transfers of all registered horses must accompany the horse at the time of check in.  Seller is responsible for all transfer fees.  Sale staff is not responsible for missing papers or transfers not properly completed.  If original papers and completed transfers are not received at the time of check in, or are incomplete, the horse will sell as grade and announced as grade at the sale.


2.  Colorado is a brand inspection state.  All consigned horses must arrive with the appropriate paperwork titled in the seller’s name and free from all liens for the State Brand Inspector to clear the horse for sale. 


3.  A current Coggins (within 12 months of sale) is required for all horses.


4.  A Health Certificate (within 30 days of sale) is required on all horses.


Horse check-in will be Friday, May 5 from 6PM to 9PM AND Saturday, May 6 from 8AM to 10AM.  All feed, water and care of the horse is the responsibility of the consigner until the horse is sold.  Stalls for sale horses for Friday night, May 6 are complimentary.  Shaving can be purchased for $6 per bag.  Stalls for extra jackpot/preview horses, or horses needing to stay following the sale on Saturday night, May 6, will be available for $20 per stall.


The Sale Veterinarian will be on-site on sale day to inspect health papers and will be available by appointment for any vet checks.  At the buyers request, any consigned horse can be submitted to a vet check at the buyers expense.


All horses must be out the fairgrounds by 8AM  Sunday, May 7, 2023.


If buyer is unable to pay for a horse sold in the sale, Gold Spur Productions, LLC has the right to resell the horse or return it to the consignor.


Gold Spur Productions, LLC will mail seller checks within Seven (7) business/banking days from the date of sale.  Deductions from the sale price will include the 8% commission and State of Colorado Brand inspection fees.


Terms and Conditions

By consigning a horse, registering as a bidder or bidding on a horse, you agree to the following terms of the sale, whether you read them or not. 


Consigners, Buyers and Spectators attending the sale do so at their own risk and are cautioned to exercise care while attending the sale.  Gold Spur Productions, LLC and its agents, its employees, independent contractors, volunteers, and other persons connected to the sale are NOT responsible for accidents to persons or property, before, during or after the sale.  Gold Spur Productions, LLC, along with every landowner upon whose property this activity is conducted, shall not be liable, legal or otherwise, for injuries sustained by anyone attending this sale.


Gold Spur Productions, LLC acts as an agent only between buyer and seller.  All guarantees and warranties are strictly between the buyer and seller, except as provided in the Gold Spur Productions, LLC soundness guarantee.   All horses are sold “AS IS, WHERE IS” without any warranties, express or implied.


Gold Spur Productions, LLC Soundness Guarantee – All horses ridden through the ring are guaranteed sound prior to the sale and until SUNDAY at 1PM following the sale, unless stated from the auction block.  Horses are guaranteed to be sound on all 4 limbs, have sight in both eyes and be good in wind.  Bob and Brandy Edmonds will have final say over any issues in the soundness guarantee.  Soundness Guarantee not valid for purchases made on-line or by the phone.  Buyer must inspect horses prior to sale.


It is the buyer’s responsibility to inspect horses prior to purchase.  The Sale Veterinarian will be on-site sale day and will be available by appointment to conduct a vet check at the buyers expense.  All appointment and payment arrangements will be between buyer and veterinarian.


Every effort has been made to insure the correctness of this catalog and information on other media platforms.  Gold Spur Productions, LLC is not liable for any errors or omissions of information on any horse either written or verbal.  Announcements made from the auction block on sale day will take precedence over printed material.


No private sales or alley trading of horses.  All horses consigned must go through the sale ring.  If a horse is passed out and later sold because of a contact made at this sale, all sales information and payment must be processed through Gold Spur Productions, LLC.


The highest bidder will be the buyer.  Any disputes will be handled by the auctioneer.  The auctioneer has final say.  The auctioneer and/or sale management company has the right to refuse services or bidding privileges to any person, who in sale staff judgement, are not responsible or reliable bidders.


ONLINE and PHONE BIDS will be accepted.  All terms and conditions of the sale apply, and all sales are final.  All online and phone purchases must be completed immediately with a credit card, ACH or wire transfer payment.  Credit card transactions for ONLINE or PHONE purchases will be charged 4%;  ACH Payment Fees for purchases will be charged 1.5%;  Wire transfers will have a $20 fee.  Please allow appropriate time for bidding approval.  All phone bid approvals will need to be completed by Friday, May 5 at 4 PM.  Online bidding registration must be completed through CCi.Live no later than May 5 at 4PM.


Title, possession, expenses and all risk of loss, injury or sickness passes to the buyer when the horse is sold by the auctioneer.  At the time of purchase, all feed, water, care and transportation of the horse becomes the buyer’s responsibility.


Stalls are offered complimentary to consignors on Friday night May 5 prior to the sale.  Stalls following the sale for the night of May 6 can be rented for $20 per stall.  Shavings can be purchased for $6 per bag.  ALL horses must be out of the stalls by 8 AM on Sunday, May 5, 2022 – NO EXCEPTIONS.


INSURANCE on your equine purchase is highly recommended.  Equine Insurance specialists will be available on sale day.  If you intend to purchase a horse at the sale, we strongly recommend you speak to an equine insurance specialist before the sale to activate the best insurance coverage.


TRANSPORTATION of horses purchased must be arranged by the buyer.  Written authorization from the buyer must be provided to the sale company to release the horse to the transportation company. All horses must be removed from sale building stalls by 8AM on Sunday, May 7, 2023 – NO EXCEPTIONS.


PAYMENT: All buyers must register and get a buyer’s number at the sale office prior to bidding.  All horses must be paid for in full immediately following the sale.  Cash, Good Check, Credit Card, ACH Payment or Wire transfer of U.S. funds will be accepted.  All Payments are to be made to the order of GOLD SPUR PRODUCTIONS, LLC.

                ACH Payments will have a 1.5% transaction fee

                Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard) payments will have a 4% transaction fee.

                Wire transfer fee is $20.

CHECK - If paying by Check, proper ID and bank contact information to verify funds will be required prior to the sale on a banking day.  We recommend letting sale management verify funds in advance to speed up the Check-Out process.  Call 970-381-9139 to verify funds.  Expect checks to be electronically deposited on sale day.  All returned or non-sufficient funds checks will be charged to the fullest extent of the law, including but not limited to a $500 returned check fee.


Upon payment on sale day, the buyer will receive a PROOF of PURCHASE for TRANSPORTATION ONLY paper.  The BILL OF SALE and applicable registration papers will be mailed after the payment has cleared the bank – usually 7 to 10 business days. 

Buyer Fees:

Health Certificates for horses traveling across state lines will be paid for by the buyer.  The Fee is set by the Sale Veterinarian.

                1.5% ACH Payment transaction fee

                 4.0% credit card transaction fee 

                 $20 wire transfer fee.


Brand Inspection: State of Colorado brand inspection fees / Colorado Horse Board Fees apply per horse


CHECK OUT – All horses must have a PAID RECEIPT and a copy of the transportation papers before leaving the fairgrounds.  All horses must be paid in full immediately following the sale.  All horse must be removed from the sale building by 8AM on Sunday, May 7, 2023 – NO EXCEPTIONS.  All transportation is the responsibility of the buyer.

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