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Front Range Roundup Ranch Rodeo

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Saturday - May 14, 2022   7PM
Douglas County Fairgrounds Indoor Arena
Castle Rock, CO

Tickets $5 at the Door

Mountain States Ranch Rodeo Qualifier

*  4 or 5 Person Teams -  $625 per team
*  Limit of 10 teams 

(First 10 entered and paid teams will compete - Alternates will be taken)
*  Four Events
*  85% CASH payout - plus Buckles to Champion Team
* Top Hand and Top Horse Awards

Contestant and 1 companion allowed access - all others $5 per ticket at the door

Entries Open April 15 and must be paid by May 1 to compete

To Enter Call or Text Bob at 970-686-6970 or email

Ranch Rodeo Events

(Subject to Change due to Cattle Availability)



Per Mountain States Ranch Rodeo Rules

At the far end of the arena will be 12 cattle numbered 0 to 9 and 2 cattle without numbers. Team will be given a drawn number and time will start when the first team member crosses the designated herd line. The team must then sort the cattle starting with their called number in numerical order. If any cow crosses the line out of the designated sort order or if an already sorted cow comes back across the line towards the herd, a no time will result. 90 second time limit.



Per Mountain States Ranch Rodeo Rules

At the far end of the arena will be 10 cows numbered 0 to 9. The drawn number will be called when 
the first member of the team crosses the designated herd line and time will start. The team must 
sort the designated number cow out of the herd and bring her across the herd line CLEAN before 
she is legal for roping. The cow must be roped by a legal head catch, 3 loop limit. The team must 
then mug the cow, milk the cow in a standing position, remove the rope and bring the milk bottle 
AND the rope used to catch the cow to the designated finish point for time to be called. There must 
be enough milk in the bottle to actually see the milk poured from the bottle. Two minute time 
limit with a 3 loop limit. 
Trash will be allowed but only after the designated number cow crosses the line first and is 



Per Mountain States Ranch Rodeo Rules

Two yearling muley cattle, preferred muley but horned cows can be used, will be turned out at the 
far end of the arena. Time will start when team crosses starting point at the opposite end of the 
arena. Each team will be required to head and heel each calf with a maximum of 4 loops for EACH 
calf. One front leg is allowed in the head catch on muley cattle, but not if horned cattle are 
used for event. Calf cannot run through the head loop catching the calf by the hind feet. Both 
cattle must be tied down by a minimum of three legs and remain tied for six seconds AFTER
both cattle are free from the touch of any team member. Horned cattle may be used for this 
event if producer so desires. In the event of using horned cattle, legal head catch only. Again, four
loop limit for EACH calf not any combination thereof and a 3 minute time limit for this event.



Slight change from Mountain States Rules in that only the 10 calves will be in the roping pen - cows will not be in pen due to setup

In the branding pen there will be (remove10 cows and) 10 calves with numbers displayed. One member of the team will rope the designated numbered calf by the heels, one or two feet is legal. Time will start and the drawn number will be called when the roper’s horse nose crosses the line at the entrance of the pen. The roper must drag the calf across the line by walking or trotting only. If the 
horse lopes at any time, the team will receive a no time. At no point will the horse be 
allowed to lope with the calf in tow. The remaining team members must not touch the calf or 
physically cross the line before the calf crosses the line. The members may touch the rope before 
the calf crosses the line, but under no circumstances will touching the calf or physically crossing the 
line prior to the calf completely crossing the designated line be allowed. This will result in an 
immediate no time. The calf must be flanked and held to the ground with all ropes removed 
BEFORE the brander is allowed to leave the branding pot circle. Brander shall then brand the calf 
and return the branding iron to the branding pot circle for time to stop. Two minute time limit 
for the calf branding event


To Enter Call/Text Bob at 970-686-6970 or Email to

Thanks for submitting!
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